Internationale belangstelling voor Nederland Leest

Victor ZwaanNieuws

Deze maand was er internationale aandacht voor het Nederland Leest schrijfexperiment van Ronald Giphart en Asibot. De academische website ‘’ UK publiceerde een artikel onder de naam: ‘We, robot: the computer co-authoring a story with a human writer’.

“The system was trained to mimic the literary styles of such renowned authors as Asimov and Dutch science fiction author Ronald Giphart by generating sentences that use similar words, phrases, and sentence structures as these authors”.


“As part of this year’s annual The Netherlands Reads festival, Giphart has been trialling the co-creative writing system to write a tenth I, Robot story. Once Giphart’s story is completed it will be published at the end of a new Dutch edition of Asimov’s classic text.

Throughout November, participating libraries throughout the Netherlands will be offering free copies of this edition to visitors to get people thinking about this year’s festival theme: Nederland Leest de Toekomst (The Netherlands Reads the Future)”.

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